About WMS

Wellington Mutamizh Sangam

Wellington Mutamizh Sangam (WMS) was founded in 2009 by a group of passionate Tamilians in New Zealand who wanted a space to form fellowship and preserve and perpetuate Tamil culture. The platform was created for the understanding and appreciation of rich Tamil culture and tradition through the three main pillars - Language (Iyal), Music (Isai) and Drama (Nadagam). Since its inception the society has promoted Tamil language and culture through various educational, entertainment and recreational activities within our community and with other communities in the wider Wellington.

While the original conception of WMS was motivated by a need to connect with fellow Tamilians from all over the world who have adopted New Zealand as their homes, the mission and vision of WMS has evolved over the years. The spirit and the strength of the society now lies in its selfless committee members whose main purpose is to serve the community in general. Over the years the society has shown its passion and dedication through various fund-raising initiatives. However, WMS has not veered off its true path, which is to ensure our rich Tamil culture and heritage is not lost in an era of commercialisation. We want the current and future generation to have a better grasp of their origin and have a real sense of identity.

Our Vision

  • Promote Tamil language and culture
  • Be impartial politically in the promotion Tamil language and culture
  • Provide a platform for new migrants to connect and network with others.
  • Practise inclusivity by welcoming non-Tamilians to be part of WMS and learn the nuances and beauty of the language and culture.
  • Promote gender-equality among members.
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